Sign Ups not being created in certain scenarios

November 19, 2019

Currently in certain situations a user will sign up on and then try to login to their account on YOP and POP and it will not be created. This is because the information is recorded but not being stored in our database. There are a few situations when this might occur:

  • Internet issues during sign up
  • Request Timeout during sign up
  • A user signs up using social login page and then doesn’t select an LC. If the user leaves YOP before selecting an LC their sign up fails. (This does not happen on POP).

We are working on a short term solution which will check every 30 minutes if there is a sign up that was not sent to our database, and then send the information over. The solution will also let the user know their account is ready. The fix should be ready by the end of November. Until then if you have a sign up that cannot login have them send an email with the email they used to sign up on explaining the situation to

Thank you to AIESEC in Spain, AIESEC in the Czech Republic, and AIESEC in Panama for reporting these issues that helped us identify this bug.