MailGIS being moved to GIS

February 6, 2018

This issue has been resolved.

Update 27.03.2018: We are currently moving the MailGIS system to GIS. On a technical infrastructure term this means that instead of a fragile infrastructure hosted on a single server that works with the API, our new mailing system will be deeply integrated into our platform. This means that soon, you will be able to upload your national templates on EXPA itself.
Right now, all Sign-Up-flow emails are already being sent by GIS itself (instead of MailGIS) and MailGIS is not sending anymore. In this week, we are working on implementing the Application-flow emails.
In practical terms this means that right now, all your EPs are receiving emails from the global template. We will keep you updated

Update 08.03.2018: As of now all emails are live. We are monitoring. Let us know if you run into any problems!

Our MailGIS server is causing a high delay on our API that brings down the whole server, slowing down the entire Global Information System. This is causing huge delays for users on and EXPA.

Until we found a solution, we suspended a few of the emails being sent.
Right now we are not sending the following emails:

– person not accepted (N2.1)
– person not applied for 3 days (N1.1)
– person not applied for 8 days (N1.1.1)
– person not applied for 13 days (N1.1.1.1)

Ways forward are the following:
* Implementing a new way to queue our emails. This will still lead to delays in them being sent, but will not slow down the entire GIS. All emails will then be sent again. ETA: Today (07-03-2018)
* Moving the MailGIS Infrastructure entirely into the GIS infrastructure. This is a big step and will require major development. Cannot give an ETA.