EXPA2 Shutdown

December 3, 2018

Update 04.07.18: Analytics have been restored on EXPA2 and will only be shutdown, once all functionalities have been implemented on V3.
The ability to create and edit organizations has been disabled on EXPA2 but is not fully functional, yet on EXPA3. It will be restored in its functionality on V3 in this week. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Update 03.07.18: A lot of EXPA users are currently experiencing issues of missed features in EXPA3, despite them being already shutdown on EXPA2. It was not our plan to shutdown features that are missing. The features that we shutdown in EXPA2 were only shutdown after consulting with a focus group who gave feedback on existing and missing features.

Analytics features on EXPA2 were disabled due to a communication mistake and will be available again shortly until we provide those functionalities on EXPA2.

Please understand that our goal is not to port features 1:1 from EXPA2 to EXPA3, but to actually make them better. This means that you might fail to find some features on first glance.

In case you are sure that we missed out on something, please message us on laurinl@ai.aiesec.org to make sure we restore all functionalities on EXPA3.