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Conversations not working if behind firewall


Update 25.06.18: Some users are experiencing issues with the Conversations feature in the very specific case that you are behind a firewall that does not allow our API to communicate with your computer. In that case, Conversations cannot be sent.

For now, we advise to fallback to emails in that case. Our developers are working on finding a solution for this

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Issues with Masked Emails


All issues have been fixed.
Update 25.06.18: There are two primary issues that we are experiencing with Masked Emails right now.

  1. Sending from an email address that does not have an account on EXPA: We deliberately had put this in place as a safety measure for the security of our customers email addresses. After experiencing issues in local and national operations with this solutions, we have lifted this restriction. Our developers are currently changing this to allow any email address to be able to send emails to masked emails. This should be implemented by End of Day 25.06.18.
  2. Sending to masked emails via CC and BCC: This should be fixed by End of Day 25.06.18.

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Some EPs cannot download their certificate.


Update 26/6/18:  This issue has been resolved.
Update 21/6/18: We have received some reports from EPs not being able to download their certificate. This is not a issue for most of EPs. If your EPs are having the issue, please report to

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Bug Week Report


Over the 2 last weeks, we’ve been working hard to find and tackle every bug on EXPA so that you are able to have a smoother experience with the platform. Here, we are posting a summary of all the bugs and missing features that were taken care of in the last week, and bugs and missing features that are expected to be solved in the coming few weeks:


  • The wrong people were being assigned the wrong CV, this has been fixed.
  • Some CVs did not open at all, all CVs should be accessible now.
  • ‘People I manage’ page was not working issue has been fixed.
  • ‘Home LC is blank’ error on certain forms and people has been fixed.
  • Referral column was missing from the list of fields on the people page, it was added now.
  • Nationality used to be compulsory on opportunities, now it is optional.
  • People were not able to be assigned roles on EXPA, this is fixed.
  • Some data between EXPA and YOP was not matching (like Weekend work), this is fixed.
  • More details were added to the application card to indicate whether the EP has paid and completed their LDA, so you are aware as to why you cannot approve them.
  • “Approve” was split into “Approve as Host” and “Approve as Home” to make it clear which side is making the approval.
  • More detailed errors were added in case you don’t have permission to view an EP or OP.
  • More details were added to the application card, like the list of managers for both the EP and OP, and links to the EP and OP if you have permission to view them.
  • GE opportunities could not be saved due to missing subproduct, GV opportunities could not be saved due to missing Project Fee, these are both fixed.
  • Online payment was not marking an EP as paid, this has been fixed.
  • Masked emails, generated CVs and Conversations were added. This is due to GDPR that came into effect recently.
  • Due to GDPR, an AIESEC email is now compulsory and can now be edited on your profile page instead of just generated.
  • ‘Failed to fetch data’ bug which appears on application cards.
  • Application filters don’t work in some cases. This has been fixed.
  • The bug where applicants cannot be accepted or approved for no good reason has been fixed.
  • EXPA now shows EP has disabled displaying their email or phone number under the new GDPR rules.
  • EPs will now stop being automatically rejected.
  • ‘Follow up’ should set the contacted at date.
  • More error messages are shown in more places.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and small features were added everywhere – check it out!

Please do not hesitate to drop a mail to in case you wish to report another bug, we’re listening and are working hard to make sure you have a smooth experience!

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System Status

EXPA People Task not available
Applications in People Profile not working
YOP No major issues.
POP No major issues.
AXP No major issues.
API No major issues.

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Please note: this page is not automatically generated, it is updated manually by the IM team. If there is a major bug or outage on the system and it’s not mentioned on the page, it’s probable that we are not aware of it. Please send a mail to and we will get to it immediately.

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Expected Analytics Downtime


Final Update 28/6/18: After extensive testing, we have confirmed that analytics are accurate and can be used normally again. Additionally, you will notice a significant difference in speed to load analytics, as all 6 products in 4 statuses of most entities load within 10-15 seconds on EXPA3. Please contact should any issues persist.

Update 26/6/18: It seems that some entities are seeing numbers higher than they should be seeing. Please stand by as we investigate.

Update 26/6/18: Almost all analytics seem to be working properly again. For certain bigger entities, if you request analytics over a big time period, it’s still failing, however majority of the requests are working now and you should be able to start using analytics again reliably. We are, of course, working on a fix for the requests that are failing.

Update 25/6/18: For some requests, we are still experiencing delays in the calculation of the analytics, but for most of the cases it should work. Our developers are currently investigating.

Update 21/6/18: The recalculation has started. Our development team found a way to ensure that the current numbers are not lost in the process of analytics recalculation, and only happen in the background. Please note that the numbers you see right now are for reference only and may be lower than the actual number. Also, expect intermittent downtime on certain parts of the system. Keep checking this post for updates.

Over the last week, we’ve been working hard to find and tackle every bug on EXPA so that you are able to have a smoother experience with the platform. One of the bugs that has been reported multiple times is difficulty with viewing analytics. We have made some changes to the way we calculate analytics which should lead to analytics appearing much quicker on EXPA3. However, for this, we need to recalculate all our numbers, which means analytics will all be reset to 0 and then calculated again.

This action will solve two issues:


  • Slow loading or unable to load analytics for many entities
  • Incorrect calculation of analytics for some entities


Please note that no data will be lost in this process, however you will simply not be able to view analytics temporarily.

The recalculation will start on Thursday, 21/6/18, 6:00 AM GMT+2, which means from hereon, all analytics will start showing very low and wrong numbers. This affects both EXPA v2 and EXPA3. We expect the analytics of 2017-18 to be available again by Friday, 22/6/18, 11:30 PM GMT+2 which means you will be able to view analytics of the 1718 term but analytics from older time periods will appear incorrect. By Sunday, 24/6/18, 11:30 PM GMT+2 all analytics should be back to normal, however please allow a deviation of up to 8 hours from the mentioned times.

You will still be able to perform operations. All acceptances, approvals and realizations that happen in the period of the recalculation will appear once the recalculation is completed. No acceptances, approvals or realizations will be lost in the process.

This analytics recalculation is part of our Bug Week, a week dedicated to finding and clearing bugs on EXPA that are inconveniencing operations. Please click the link above to read more about Bug Week.

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CV Generation Issues & Email Issues


Some CVs are either resulting in an error or the wrong person’s CV being loaded. We are working on a fix and the system should be back to regular behaviour soon.

Some emails are not reaching EPs. We are working on a fix.

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Delay in processing emails


This issue has been resolved.

All emails sent to addresses are currently held up. NO DATA IS LOST – we are experiencing a delay and will update this post when we have more information.

Update 19:22 GMT+2: The error that was holding up emails has been fixed. All mails in the queue will automatically retry sending, but it might take up to 24 hours for your mail to go through.

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People not appearing on EXPA after signing up on YOP, opportunities not showing up on YOP after being opened on EXPA


This issue has been solved.

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Cannot Approve on EXPA3


This issue has been fixed. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

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