Cannot Login to EXPA

August 6, 2018

We are quite confident that we’ve fixed any huge login issues that you might be facing. Please follow this troubleshooting checklist:

1. Ensure that your role is active. This means that the start date of the role should be today or a date in the past. If it’s not, you do not have permission to access EXPA as an MCP.

2. If you’re sure your role is active and you’re still not able to login, go to your own profile page (from another account) and check the Membership tab on EXPA3. You should see your current role under Active Roles. If it’s not there, you probably are checking the wrong account.

3. Check that you’re assigning the role to the correct account. Sometimes you might have a and an and a account, if you assign the wrong role to the wrong account, you’ll not be able to log in. To be 100% sure of this, use the Add by Email Address feature to add a person to your committee. This will ensure you’re adding the right person.

Still doesn’t work? Getting an error that you don’t have permission to access EXPA?
Go to and you should see a login screen. Log in from there and it should be fixed if the above checklist is followed. If not, try logging in from incognito or another browser. If it works, then you need to clear your cache and cookies and log in again from your regular browser.

If it still doesn’t work and you’re 100% sure that you’ve followed all the steps above and all the points on the checklist match, drop a mail to