Bug Week Report

June 19, 2018

Over the 2 last weeks, we’ve been working hard to find and tackle every bug on EXPA so that you are able to have a smoother experience with the platform. Here, we are posting a summary of all the bugs and missing features that were taken care of in the last week, and bugs and missing features that are expected to be solved in the coming few weeks:


  • The wrong people were being assigned the wrong CV, this has been fixed.
  • Some CVs did not open at all, all CVs should be accessible now.
  • ‘People I manage’ page was not working issue has been fixed.
  • ‘Home LC is blank’ error on certain forms and people has been fixed.
  • Referral column was missing from the list of fields on the people page, it was added now.
  • Nationality used to be compulsory on opportunities, now it is optional.
  • People were not able to be assigned roles on EXPA, this is fixed.
  • Some data between EXPA and YOP was not matching (like Weekend work), this is fixed.
  • More details were added to the application card to indicate whether the EP has paid and completed their LDA, so you are aware as to why you cannot approve them.
  • “Approve” was split into “Approve as Host” and “Approve as Home” to make it clear which side is making the approval.
  • More detailed errors were added in case you don’t have permission to view an EP or OP.
  • More details were added to the application card, like the list of managers for both the EP and OP, and links to the EP and OP if you have permission to view them.
  • GE opportunities could not be saved due to missing subproduct, GV opportunities could not be saved due to missing Project Fee, these are both fixed.
  • Online payment was not marking an EP as paid, this has been fixed.
  • Masked emails, generated CVs and Conversations were added. This is due to GDPR that came into effect recently.
  • Due to GDPR, an AIESEC email is now compulsory and can now be edited on your profile page instead of just generated.
  • ‘Failed to fetch data’ bug which appears on application cards.
  • Application filters don’t work in some cases. This has been fixed.
  • The bug where applicants cannot be accepted or approved for no good reason has been fixed.
  • EXPA now shows EP has disabled displaying their email or phone number under the new GDPR rules.
  • EPs will now stop being automatically rejected.
  • ‘Follow up’ should set the contacted at date.
  • More error messages are shown in more places.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and small features were added everywhere – check it out!

Please do not hesitate to drop a mail to expasupport@aiesec.net in case you wish to report another bug, we’re listening and are working hard to make sure you have a smooth experience!