Analytics incorrect 2/2/18

February 2, 2018

This issue has been resolved.
Due to some optimizations we made to the database, we had to recalculate analytics. No data is lost and all other systems are running. Everything will be back to normal. We will update this post with an ETA and better explanation.

All times are in GMT+1.

Update 1:48 We deliberately scheduled a partial reindex to optimise our database for Friday night to cause the least inconvenience possible. We did not expect applications analytics to be affected – hence we did not give an advanced warning.

What we know is: people and opportunities search is not working correctly, and analytics are showing very low numbers. All other functions of EXPA are working.

Update 10:56 ETAs:
– Opportunities are working fine again
– People will be done in ~6 hrs
– Applications (and consequently, Application Analytics) will be done in ~12 hrs

Update 18:25 Opportunities and people should be working properly again. Applications will still take another 8-12hrs to complete.