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V1/V2 endpoints will be deprecated by Nov 1st


Hello Everybody!

since we launched the v3 endpoint for performance analytics (you can check the documentation below) we will be deprecating the v1 and v2 endpoints in favour of putting resources in the new version.

if you have any questions on how to use the new endpoint, just check the documentation below.

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Sign Ups on YOP not going through


[Update] October 21, 2019: This issue should be resolved. If you still have this issue, please report it immediately to


We are currently facing an issue where a small percent of sign ups are failing on YOP. This is being caused by the technology we use to flag fake sign ups. The reCaptcha system is flagging the sign up as fake in situations that they are not fake. This week we implemented an error message when the sign up fails asking EPs to send a ticket to If you are with a sign up that this happens to help them report this using the bug reporting guidelines:

We are working to understand how we can implement other security solutions and improve the flagging.

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Opens will be innacurate until October 8th


OPEN stats will be inaccurate till 8th October, 2019 as we are working on even further improvements to Performance Analytics.

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Certificates Not Generating


Right now we are aware of an issue in YOP where EPs cannot generate or download the certificate after submitting the standards survey. We are investigating the cause of the issue and looking to have a fix soon.

Update October 7th, 2019: This issue has been resolved in most cases. The exception is for EPs who went on exchange before the survey changed and did not fill out the survey before. We are working on a fix for this.

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