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Applicants not in EXPA


Performance Analytics have not been working accurately/fast enough over the last few months and we have changed the structure of analytics to make them faster and more reliable over large volumes of data.

However, we have had to hide the applicants column of analytics while we make further improvements to the analytics structure.The applicants are expected to be back on the system on October 21st 2019. There might be also a brief period when analytics might not work prior to October 21st, we will reach out closer to the date of migration and let you know further details.

You can check the progress of your applicants results in the exchange tracker.

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Standards Issues Note


A lot of you probably wondered what has been happening with the completed applications in the system and this post is to explain with further details everything that has happened.

Incident #1
When we changed the Standards from the old format to the new one, there was a bug where the system was still checking the old standards required for COMPLETED even though the EP filled the new survey. This caused a lot of applications to become COMPLETED even though they did not meet all the required standards.

This was resolved on 6th September 2019 by checking the required standards in the new format. We also ran a script to check all applications in the last 3 months with the new standards. Any completed applications that did not meet all required standards were moved back to FINISHED.

Incident #2
We also noticed a bug where the system sent the old standards survey to EPs even though the new survey was available. This created a conflict where the system was checking the old survey with the new required standards. Hence, there were many applications that were marked as FINISHED even though they were completed.

This was resolved on 27th September 2019 by running a script to reference all applications in the last 6 months to check old surveys with the old format (and) the new surveys with the new format. We have referenced all applications with their surveys and have verified the results.


  • Standards surveys and validations have been updated to the new format for all future applications
  • All applications in the last 6 months have been checked for both old standards (or) new standards and the statuses have been updated.
  • It is expected to see more/less COMPLETEDs than before, however we assure you the stats have been verified.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that we might have caused with this issue and we are taking clear actions for this to not happen again in the future.

For more information of how we calculate COMPLETEDs check

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Issues with Sign Ups


Yesterday after deploying an update one of our third party tools returned an error. This error caused sign ups to not function correctly for a few hours until we resolved the issue. Due to this the accounts were not created in our database. We are currently restoring those accounts and they should be available for users by 3pm GMT-4

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How to report a bug?


Hello people from all over the world!

This post is a bit more practical and it will teach you how to report bugs in the best way possible. It is really simple, follow the the steps below:

  • Before recording your screen to submit to, press keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift J (on Windows) or Command Option J (on Mac).  It should open this screen:

  • After this, click in Network:

  • Start your recording normally
  • Submit your ticket with the recording, plus screenshots (if applicable) and always put EP/OP IDs on your tickets for us to identify better what is happening.

This simple action can help us a lot to understand what is happening to you and we can solve your issue faster.

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Subproducts issue solved


Hello planet!

In the last few days we were having an issue upon opening opportunities when we were fetching subproducts data due to the addition to Engineering as a subproduct for GE. This issue is now fixed! Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused and thank you all for all the reports in We are doing our best to keep the quality of the system and you guys are directly helping on this. Thank you and have a nice week.

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Delay on Sign ups appearing in People CRM



Due to maintenance and improvements on the database there can be a delay in sign ups appearing in people CRM.

Update: This should be fixed, if you are still seeing this issue please send an email to and

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Status in People CRM not being shown


Hello global plenary,

As you already know, we have been working on performance improvements in EXPA3, so we just deployed an improvement on People CRM today that will make it load faster. Thus, in the next 48 hours, people CRM will not display the status of the EPs. As soon as the improvement is done, we will be updating all of you.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause and thanks for the understanding.

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Sign Ups integration with GIS API


Hello from Canada, people!

HEADS UP! If your entity is running any sign-up integration with the GIS API, and you have been experiencing issues over the last days, make sure you check out following document:

Any doubts, just reach us out!

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Standards Validation Solved


Hello people!

During the last few weeks we were seeing some inconsistencies in the number of Completeds in EXPA. It was happening that some EPs that were finished, were being counted as completeds in EXPA! A new validation was deployed last monday and right now the numbers are correct. It might be that you have less completeds or you might have even more due to the new validation. This number is completely accurate. But in case you observe any interesting thing happening, just let us know at

Have a great COMPLETED DAY!

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English tests issues solved

Previous issues with the English test have been resolved and EPs can now take the English test and apply to opportunities that require them.
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