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EXPA3 Downtime 2018-10-12


Today at around 6:37 AM GMT-4 EXPA3 went down for approximately 5 minutes. We had experienced an unusual spike in load on our server. What happens in that case is that a second server goes up to catch the load, not to impact the users’ experience. However, that second server took too long to come up, essentially bringing down the system.

The measure we have taken to prevent this from happening is that from now on, we will always have a second, small server for EXPA3 running, that is able to grow in capacity if needed, circumventing the start-up time.

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Disabled ability to change LCs


On EXPA3, it was possible to change the LC for the EP in any status, whether they had applied already or not. This was not intended and would allow people to mess with analytics. As a short term fix, we disabled this feature until we fixed it completely.

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