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Cannot Approve on EXPA3


This issue has been fixed. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

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Performance analytics & LDA issues


Performance analytics are currently not working for some entities. We are working on a fix.

Update 28/5
We discovered that LDA was not showing up on EXPA on the profile page of some EPs despite being approved. This is because of an error in our systems where we simply checked if the EP had an LDA ready to be filled, not whether the LDA was filled or not, before allowing them to be approved. We have fixed this for the future, where EPs are required to fill the LDA to advance in the customer flow, however, EPs who have not taken the LDA and have been approved will still have to take the LDA.

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Newly registered EPs not showing up on EXPA


This issue has been resolved. Currently, if an EP signs up on, they are not shown on EXPA. We are working on a fix and expect this issue to be fixed by 19:00 GMT+2.

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Issues with opening opportunities


All issues have been fixed.
Right now, it is impossible on EXPA3 unless you fill at least one nationality, and it is impossible to save opportunities on EXPA v2 due to other sections getting cleared as soon as you save one section. Also, sometimes, when you hit “Open”, the loading icon appears forever and the form does not get opened. We are working on a fix and expect systems to be working properly by end of day. Please keep checking back here for updates.

Update 11:51 +2:00: The nationalities field is no longer compulsory. You should be able to save and open opportunities on EXPA3 without any problems now.

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Possible Downtime on 15/5


On 15/5, we plan to shift EXPA3 from Beta to Release. Due to shifting platforms from one domain to another, there might be intermittent downtime for certain users of the platform between 6AM and 2PM GMT+2, where you may not be able to access either platform. The downtime will not last for more than a few minutes and we expect no disruption in service beyond a short downtime.

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CV Upload not working


This issue has been fixed

11-05-18: The CV Upload on YOP is currently not working for users. It can be fixed for your users if you log into EXPA2 and upload the CV for them. Our developers are working on

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