System Status

June 19, 2018
EXPA People Task not available
Applications in People Profile not working
YOP No major issues.
POP No major issues.
AXP No major issues.
API No major issues.

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Please note: this page is not automatically generated, it is updated manually by the IM team. If there is a major bug or outage on the system and it’s not mentioned on the page, it’s probable that we are not aware of it. Please send a mail to and we will get to it immediately.

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Applications in People Profile not working

January 23, 2019

22-01-2019: We acknowledge an issue with opening Applications on the People Profile – they are not openable. The developers are informed and are treating this as a priority. As a workaround, for now you can search for the persons in the Applications CRM and access the applications from there.


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People Task not available

January 23, 2019

22-01-2019: We are currently doing some work on the Task feature and testing it. Unfortunately this means that right now we need to disable the Task feature in the People page. It will soon be available again with some cool new features.


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Upcoming Global Information System Downtime – 26th of Jan

January 15, 2019
Towards ensuring that our platforms are more stable, resistant to unplanned spike and bot attacks,  we decided to move on with rebuilding our authentication system and adding the latest technologies to its architecture.
As a result, for that huge architectural change to take place we will be experiencing a downtime for almost a day where none of the platforms ( EXPA, POP, YOP, AXP ) will be accessible, after analyzing the users traffic and also aligning with the development team’s availability we found out that the most optimal day would be Saturday, the 26th of January 2019.
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EXPA2 Shutdown

December 3, 2018

Update 04.07.18: Analytics have been restored on EXPA2 and will only be shutdown, once all functionalities have been implemented on V3.
The ability to create and edit organizations has been disabled on EXPA2 but is not fully functional, yet on EXPA3. It will be restored in its functionality on V3 in this week. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Update 03.07.18: A lot of EXPA users are currently experiencing issues of missed features in EXPA3, despite them being already shutdown on EXPA2. It was not our plan to shutdown features that are missing. The features that we shutdown in EXPA2 were only shutdown after consulting with a focus group who gave feedback on existing and missing features.

Analytics features on EXPA2 were disabled due to a communication mistake and will be available again shortly until we provide those functionalities on EXPA2.

Please understand that our goal is not to port features 1:1 from EXPA2 to EXPA3, but to actually make them better. This means that you might fail to find some features on first glance.

In case you are sure that we missed out on something, please message us on to make sure we restore all functionalities on EXPA3.

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EXPA3 Downtime 2018-10-12

October 12, 2018

Today at around 6:37 AM GMT-4 EXPA3 went down for approximately 5 minutes. We had experienced an unusual spike in load on our server. What happens in that case is that a second server goes up to catch the load, not to impact the users’ experience. However, that second server took too long to come up, essentially bringing down the system.

The measure we have taken to prevent this from happening is that from now on, we will always have a second, small server for EXPA3 running, that is able to grow in capacity if needed, circumventing the start-up time.

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Disabled ability to change LCs

October 5, 2018

On EXPA3, it was possible to change the LC for the EP in any status, whether they had applied already or not. This was not intended and would allow people to mess with analytics. As a short term fix, we disabled this feature until we fixed it completely.

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EPs are not being able to generate their certificates.

September 19, 2018

Some of the EPs cannot find the button to generate a certificate, or find that their certificate is misaligned with their information. We acknowledge the issue and we are currently working on different implementations to avoid this issue on the long term.


We have changed the flow of the certificate generation to avoid a technical problem. Now the EP will click the same button to generate the certificate, in the backend the certificate will be generated and as soon as Its prepared it will be sent to the EP via email. In case the EP has the communication via email off we will prompt him to change his settings to be able to send him the information properly.


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Cannot Login to EXPA

August 6, 2018

We are quite confident that we’ve fixed any huge login issues that you might be facing. Please follow this troubleshooting checklist:

1. Ensure that your role is active. This means that the start date of the role should be today or a date in the past. If it’s not, you do not have permission to access EXPA as an MCP.

2. If you’re sure your role is active and you’re still not able to login, go to your own profile page (from another account) and check the Membership tab on EXPA3. You should see your current role under Active Roles. If it’s not there, you probably are checking the wrong account.

3. Check that you’re assigning the role to the correct account. Sometimes you might have a and an and a account, if you assign the wrong role to the wrong account, you’ll not be able to log in. To be 100% sure of this, use the Add by Email Address feature to add a person to your committee. This will ensure you’re adding the right person.

Still doesn’t work? Getting an error that you don’t have permission to access EXPA?
Go to and you should see a login screen. Log in from there and it should be fixed if the above checklist is followed. If not, try logging in from incognito or another browser. If it works, then you need to clear your cache and cookies and log in again from your regular browser.

If it still doesn’t work and you’re 100% sure that you’ve followed all the steps above and all the points on the checklist match, drop a mail to

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Unable to add teams or team members in 18.19 term

July 19, 2018

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Please stand by.

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Country missing in Academic Experience

July 3, 2018

Fixed Update 03.07.18: Some EPs cannot apply due to incomplete academic experience. In this case, they should make sure that the Country is actually filled in the academic experience! You can also fill it for your EPs on EXPA2.

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