System Status

September 3, 2019
EXPA No major issues.
YOP No major issues.
POP No major issues.
AXP No major issues.
Infra No major issues.

Having any issues with EXPA?

Please note: this page is not automatically generated, it is updated manually by the Platforms team. If there is a major bug or outage on the system and it’s not mentioned on the page, it’s probable that we are not aware of it.

Issues with EXPA: Please send an email to explaining your issue and providing us with samples (Screenshots and screen recordings) and relevant IDs (EP ID / OP ID). As soon as we receive the information we will get to it immediately.
Issues with YOP/POP: Please send an email to explaining your issue.

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GIS Instability until March 5th, 2020

March 2, 2020
We pushed some updates in the last few weeks that optimize the structure of LDA surveys and in the next few days we will be indexing the data prior to the update with the new data structure generated by the optimization. With this update we will have a faster and better response from the system when it comes to surveys and LDA data in general.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great week.

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Delay on emails being sent

November 22, 2019

We are facing some issues on sending emails through the platform to the masked emails. You or your EPs might experience some delays on receiving these emails. Note that this is happening only with masked emails.

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API Instability & Fixes

November 19, 2019

Update November 25, 2019 4pm GMT -5: All issues we had on the last 4 days were resolved. We finished up by correcting all analytics today a few hours ago. If there is any further issue, do not hesitate to enter in contact with us. For more information on the issue, read the post below.

Update November 21, 2019 7am GMT -5: Based on a spot check from the platforms team applications from the last 1 year are now appearing in YOP and in all parts of EXPA. Analytics will still be incorrect until 25th November, Monday, 5AM GMT. If you are missing an application in EXPA please report it and if an application is not appearing in YOP report it to

Currently we are facing some performance issues on the infrastructure on all platforms. That might affect external integrations as well.

Currently after an EP applies the application is not appearing in the YOP user’s application page and in EXPA application CRM (List view). The issue started on November 18th. Any AIESEC member or YOP User can check their application page with the application ID on the links:



You should be able to check your applications normally starting at 21st November, Thursday, 12PM GMT.

To be clear: The applications are being created, but they are not being shown in the CRM and  YOP and EXPA profile! Until 21st November, Thursday, 12PM GMT, which is when you will have access to the applications again in the CRM, we will be updating a file called “Applications from 2019-11-17 to 2019-11-20.csv” every 2 hours with the application links for you to be able to check the applications. The file can be found at in the folder “Pink and Yellow Forms” and can be accessed only through an account.


EXPA: You click directly in the link provided in order to access the application from your entity in EXPA.

YOP: Send this link to the EP for he/she to be able to access the application and sign the AN, Fill out LDA, Input flight details and all actions an EP does in its application profile.


You can check the managers of the EPs in the conversations tab in EXPA application page.


There was also a delay being caused in the masked emails being delivered to users, we are working on fixing this so that emails will arrive in a timely manner. This should no longer be the case.

In order for the issue to be fully solved, we will be running a fix until 25th November, Monday, 5AM GMT, which will affect the Performance Analytics until this date and time. This is our first priority and we are working in way to not affect your operations.

The files can be accessed by all users with an email address. This means that you can now simply forward this email to your network and ensure they use their emails to open the folder. Please share these files with your network!
Please do not send access requests, if you cannot access the drive use an email to open it.
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Sign Ups not being created in certain scenarios

November 19, 2019

Currently in certain situations a user will sign up on and then try to login to their account on YOP and POP and it will not be created. This is because the information is recorded but not being stored in our database. There are a few situations when this might occur:

  • Internet issues during sign up
  • Request Timeout during sign up
  • A user signs up using social login page and then doesn’t select an LC. If the user leaves YOP before selecting an LC their sign up fails. (This does not happen on POP).

We are working on a short term solution which will check every 30 minutes if there is a sign up that was not sent to our database, and then send the information over. The solution will also let the user know their account is ready. The fix should be ready by the end of November. Until then if you have a sign up that cannot login have them send an email with the email they used to sign up on explaining the situation to

Thank you to AIESEC in Spain, AIESEC in the Czech Republic, and AIESEC in Panama for reporting these issues that helped us identify this bug.

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V1/V2 endpoints will be deprecated by Nov 1st

October 18, 2019

Hello Everybody!

since we launched the v3 endpoint for performance analytics (you can check the documentation below) we will be deprecating the v1 and v2 endpoints in favour of putting resources in the new version.

if you have any questions on how to use the new endpoint, just check the documentation below.

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Sign Ups on YOP not going through

October 16, 2019

[Update] October 21, 2019: This issue should be resolved. If you still have this issue, please report it immediately to


We are currently facing an issue where a small percent of sign ups are failing on YOP. This is being caused by the technology we use to flag fake sign ups. The reCaptcha system is flagging the sign up as fake in situations that they are not fake. This week we implemented an error message when the sign up fails asking EPs to send a ticket to If you are with a sign up that this happens to help them report this using the bug reporting guidelines:

We are working to understand how we can implement other security solutions and improve the flagging.

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Opens will be innacurate until October 8th

October 4, 2019

OPEN stats will be inaccurate till 8th October, 2019 as we are working on even further improvements to Performance Analytics.

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Certificates Not Generating

October 1, 2019

Right now we are aware of an issue in YOP where EPs cannot generate or download the certificate after submitting the standards survey. We are investigating the cause of the issue and looking to have a fix soon.

Update October 7th, 2019: This issue has been resolved in most cases. The exception is for EPs who went on exchange before the survey changed and did not fill out the survey before. We are working on a fix for this.

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Applicants not in EXPA

September 30, 2019

Performance Analytics have not been working accurately/fast enough over the last few months and we have changed the structure of analytics to make them faster and more reliable over large volumes of data.

However, we have had to hide the applicants column of analytics while we make further improvements to the analytics structure.The applicants are expected to be back on the system on October 21st 2019. There might be also a brief period when analytics might not work prior to October 21st, we will reach out closer to the date of migration and let you know further details.

You can check the progress of your applicants results in the exchange tracker.

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Standards Issues Note

September 27, 2019

A lot of you probably wondered what has been happening with the completed applications in the system and this post is to explain with further details everything that has happened.

Incident #1
When we changed the Standards from the old format to the new one, there was a bug where the system was still checking the old standards required for COMPLETED even though the EP filled the new survey. This caused a lot of applications to become COMPLETED even though they did not meet all the required standards.

This was resolved on 6th September 2019 by checking the required standards in the new format. We also ran a script to check all applications in the last 3 months with the new standards. Any completed applications that did not meet all required standards were moved back to FINISHED.

Incident #2
We also noticed a bug where the system sent the old standards survey to EPs even though the new survey was available. This created a conflict where the system was checking the old survey with the new required standards. Hence, there were many applications that were marked as FINISHED even though they were completed.

This was resolved on 27th September 2019 by running a script to reference all applications in the last 6 months to check old surveys with the old format (and) the new surveys with the new format. We have referenced all applications with their surveys and have verified the results.


  • Standards surveys and validations have been updated to the new format for all future applications
  • All applications in the last 6 months have been checked for both old standards (or) new standards and the statuses have been updated.
  • It is expected to see more/less COMPLETEDs than before, however we assure you the stats have been verified.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that we might have caused with this issue and we are taking clear actions for this to not happen again in the future.

For more information of how we calculate COMPLETEDs check

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